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Kas is one of the best diving locations in Turkey and around the world. The sea offers amazing visibility due to groundwater coming down from the mountain of Toros.  There are beautiful  underwater tunnels and canyons created by earthquakes centuries ago. We offer all levels of PADI diving courses in Can Mocamp. If you have not yet scuba dived but want to try it,  you experience scuba diving with an experienced PADI instructor and create some amazing memories.


Try Dive: You do not need to have any prior experience for  a try dive. You will have a briefing when the boat is on it way to diving site. Once at the dive site, you will dive to max. 5 meter with your PADI diving instructor. Believe me it is amazing.

DSD (Discover Scuba Diving):

This a short one day course. Before diving, your PADI instructor will give you a briefing. During your first dive you will learn some basic skills at no more than 5 meters depth and during your second dive you will descend to a maximum depth of  12 meters. When you completed these two dives successfully you will have  your DSD Certificate! Congratulations!!

OWDC (Open Water Diver Course): 

PADI provides around  70% of all scuba diving courses globally and has international recognised and renowned training methods. You can do your PADI diving courses in Can Mocamp. You will do your theory first and also watch various training videos and we go diving on the boat where you will learn the necessary diving skills to get certified. When you pass your final exam and quizzes you are  qualified as PADI Open Water diver. This course takes 3-4 days. And you are then eligible to dive to 18 meters around the world and you get PADI Open Water Diver Certificate.

AOWC (Advanced Open Water Diver Course): 
This is a perfect course for the divers who wish to dive up to 30 meters. During this 3 day theoretical  and practical course, you improve your buoyancy , navigation, deep dive, wreck dive and fish identification.

EFR + RESCUE (Emergency First Responder + Rescue Diver Course): 
This is one of the most important courses to do. After 3 days of training you would be qualified as Emergency First Responder and Rescue Diver. 
The course includes but not limited to ; theory, practical;  practising different underwater scenarios so you can act in an appropriate manner if there is ever an emergency situation near you underwater or on the surface.

DM (Dive Master): 

This course gives you the opportunity to become a PADI professional and, should you wish, you can make a living while traveling around the world.
Dive Master course is a 15-20 day course a depending of the divers performance. 

Also, as a PADI diver, we can offer you a number of the PADI Specialty courses to improve your diving.

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