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Our Story

Can Mocamp was established as a camping site and beach club in 1985. In the same year, 9 bungalows were built in the camping area to meet demand from our guests.

In 2006, Can Kahvecioglu (the son of founder Ahmet Kahvecioglu)  became the head of the Can Mocamp . A short while after that in 2007 the Mocamp had to close down. The building of the new marina and ring road turned the area of Can Mocamp and the surrounding into ruins. In response to this setback, a call went out on a number of traveller websites to “give me a hand” to rebuild the re-imagined Can Mocamp. A little while after that a miracle happened - many backpacker tourists did answer this call and after 2 year of hard work and  collaboration with these volunteers from all around the world, the camp site was cleared of big rocks. In 2011 Can Mocamp sprang back to life again.
Since then,  with the help of more volunteers and local staff Can Mocamp  improved every year so we can  welcome you, our guests and soon to be friends, to the Can Mocamp of today.
Can Mocamp has been offering you social and healthy holidays since the 1980s With a selection of cedar bungalows, a comfortable hostel and an amazing camping area where you can choose to set your tent either on a wooden platform or directly on the ground.

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