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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mocamp and what is the difference from camp?

Mocamp means motel and camping. Our facility has variety of different types of accommodation.

Do you accept Children?
Can Mocamp is an ‘Adult Only’ business operation. Because of that we do not accept children aged under 12. However for our restaurant and at our bar , there is no restriction  on children with adult supervision.

Can I bring my pet?
We adore animals but we had some bad experiences in the past so unfortunately we are not accepting pets.


Do you have hot water 24/7?
We are supporting sustainable tourism and producing hot water from solar panels. As long as it is sunny we have hot water , however especially in high season we may run out for later in the evening.

When will the music finish?
Our bar offers an enjoyable and social environment which is located in the centre of the camping area. We will to turn the music off by 01.00 am so campers can have a quiet night.

What is the check in and check out time?

Check in time is 14.00 pm and check out time is 12.00 noon.

Do you have take away service in your restaurant?

Yes, please place your order by calling  0537 545 60 32

Can I do Reservation for tent area?

We do not take reservations for tent area. When you arrive you can chose where you want to  set up your tent. However if you do not have your own tent you can rent  one of ours which is already set up. You need to make a reservation for that.

Do you have electric sockets next to tents?

The tents owned by us are set up on the wooden platforms and each of them has electric sockets. If you prefer to set your tent directly on the ground, we do have multiple sockets and if you bring your own extension cable you can have electricity in your tent. 

Can we do our own Barbecue and can we light fires?

Can Mocamp is a facility surrounded by many olive trees and also other special trees. That is why we do not allow you to do your own barbecue. However every Saturday we are lighting the barbeque at a protected area and you can cook anything you wish (except fish) with the help of one of our staff.

Can I use a Camp Stove?
You can use a camp stove or any other type of stoves that is suitable for camping. But we wish to remind you ; small domestic gas cylinders are not suitable for camping and at in the 40 Celsius heat of the summer  it has high chance of exploding /leaking. Because of the bad experiences we had in the past we do not allow our guests to use domestic gas cylinders.

I want to do my Scuba diving course. What should I do?
You can do your diving courses with us or you can do a try dive to meet underwater world. For more information please view our page .

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