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The European Union has created the 3S (Sea, Sun, Sand)  themed mass tourism initiative to promote sustainable tourism. The main thrust of this project is to spotlight local visitor highlights and to protect them for future generations. Also the WWF (World Wildlife Fund)  has developed a project with seven Mediterranean countries to promote and protect local environments.  Turkey was one of the participant countries and Kas is one of the pilot regions in Turkey.
At Can Mocamp we are actively supporting these sustainable tourism initiatives and projects.


In this context;
We are carrying on the olive cultivation culture  (care for olive trees, pruning and harvesting)
Also we are offering to our guests the products obtained from our trees ( bitter orange, carob and lemon)
All of the lighting in the facility is provided by LED fittings. We are tracking 24/7 all of the lighting, ventilation, heating and cooling with a smart automation system that has KNX protocol so we can avoid unnecessary wastage of energy.  With this system we have reduced our energy use by 50%.
We are producing hot water from Solbrellla solar panels .We use the boiler system for watering the plants, which means that we are collecting grey water from showers and sinks into a tank. 
We are presenting to our guests in English and Turkish about nature, cultural, and historical sites of Kas.

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