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Can Mocamp is one of the longest established tourist operations in Kas, which is located in 5 hectares of olive trees with a sea view. Can Mocamp (Motel and Camping) has 10 bungalows, an 18 bed hostel building and tent areas which you can choose from either wooden platform or soil ground. The Livorno restaurant delivers amazing tasty pizzas  cooked in a wood-fired oven  while the bar serves amazing cocktails and music plays in the common areas where you can meet and enjoy this incredible experience.

Kas is the heart of the ancient city Lycia also known as the land of light. Kas shows different  aspects of her beauty at different time of the day. Can Mocamp gives you the base you were looking for to explore and experience all that Kas has to offer.
You can lay down in the hammock under the olive trees and listen to the sound of different birds and take in the beautiful sea view, You can meet people from around the world as you are enjoying tasty cocktails in our bar and plan together  your next day’s activities including scuba diving . Come alone or come with your loved ones. 
Here , you will rest, rejuvenate, enjoy the moment and want to relive these incredible moments again and again.

Can Mocamp is just 1.5 km from the heart of Kas. If you decide to take the level walk in to town you will stroll past the new Kas Marina and see the majestic mountains rising above. Alternatively,  jump aboard one of the dolmus which regularly passes in front of the Mocamp.  Want to enjoy the sea? The nearest beach is just a two minute walk away.


Choose your

For Comfort Lovers :


Located on an area surrounded by olive trees, all with sea view. Deluxe Bungalows are ideal for those who want to combine their life with comfort. Especially preferred by couples. Burgaz House with a double bed, 3 single beds and a kitchen is among your options.

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Affordable / For Backpackers:


Allocating a bigger part of his budget to activities and socialization, not accommodation
for those who want, but do not want to compromise on the comfort of their bed.
Standart Bungalow is an ideal option.


For Backpackers:


Our beautiful hostel building has been restored from a 120 year old building. It is ideal for backpacker travellers who are looking for socialising and are also traveling on a budget. We have 2 mixed dorms and 1 female dorm. The rooms have four bunk beds with the bunks and steps made from a thick wood. Each bed has a lamp and electric socket and at the end of each bed there is space for you to put your belongings. Each bed has its own curtain which gives you privacy.


For Nature Lovers:


Can Mocamps tent areas with all sea views and the bar in the middle of the area, It will make your camping holiday unforgettable.

For those who will set up camp, an alternative is offered as an earthen floor and wooden platform.





Scuba Lessons


You can browse our website to get information.


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